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Select Publications

   Davies N, ... Washburne AD, ... Edmunds WJ. 2021. Estimating the transmissibility and impact of SARS-CoV-2 lineage B 1.1.7 in
      England. Science

   Fu W... Washburne AD, ... Alm EJ. 2020. SARS-CoV-2 titers in wastewater are higher than expected from clinically confirmed cases


   Silverman JD*, Hupert N, & Washburne AD*. 2020. Using influenza-like illness to estimate state-specific prevalence of
      SARS-CoV-2 in the United States. Science Translational Medicine

   Washburne AD, Crowley DE, Manlove K, Becker DJ, Childs M, Plowright RK. 2019. Percolation models of pathogen spillover.

      Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B


   Becker DJ, Washburne AD, Faust CL, Mordecai EA, Plowright RK (2019) The problem of scale in the prediction and management
      of pathogen spillover. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B

   Morton JT, Marotz C, Washburne AD, Silverman J, Zaramela LS, Edlund A, Zengler A, Knight R. (2019) Estimating microbial
     composition measurement standards with reference frames." Nature Communications


   Washburne AD, Silverman JD, Morton JT, Becker DJ, Crowley DE, Mukherjee S, David LA, & Plowright RK. (2019)
      Phylofactorization: a graph partitioning algorithm to identify phylogenetic scales of ecological data. Ecological Monographs 00

   Rocca, J. D., Simonin, M., Blaszczak, J. R., Ernakovich, J. G., Gibbons, S. M., Midani, F. S., & Washburne, A. D. (2018). The
      Microbiome Stress Project: towards a global meta-analysis of environmental stressors and their effects on microbial communities.
      Frontiers in Microbiology, 9, 3272.

   Washburne AD, Crowley DE, Becker DJ, Olival KJ, Taylor M, Munster VJ, Plowright RK (2018). Taxonomic patterns in the
      zoonotic potential of mammalian viruses. PeerJ 6:e5979


   Faust K., Bauchinger F., Laroche B., de Buyl S., Lahti L., Washburne A. D., Gonze D., Widder S. (2018). Signatures of ecological

      processes in microbial community time series. Microbiome, 6:120

   Washburne, A. D.*, Morton, J. T.*, Sanders, J., McDonald, D., Zhu, Q., Oliverio, A. M., & Knight, R. (2018). Methods for

      phylogenetic analysis of microbiome data. Nature Microbiology, 3(6), 652.

   Oliverio, A. M., Power J. F., Washburne A., Cary S. C., Stott M. B. & Fierer N. (2018) The ecology and diversity of microbial

      eukaryotes in geothermal springs. The ISME journal

⦁    Vázquez-Baeza, Y., Gonzalez, A., Xu, Z. Z., Washburne, A. D., Herfarth, H. H., Sartor, R. B., & Knight, R. (2017). Guiding

      longitudinal sampling in IBD cohorts. Gut, gutjnl-2017.

    Washburne AD, Silverman JA, Leff J, Bennett DJ, Darcy JL, Mukherjee S, Fierer N, David LA (2017) Phylogenetic Factorization

      of Microbiome Datasets. PeerJ  5:e2969

    Silverman JA, Washburne AD, Mukherjee S and David LA (2017) A phylogenetic transform enhances analysis of compositional

      data. eLife 6:e21887

    Washburne AD, Burby J & Lacker D (2016). Novel covariance-based neutrality test reveals competitive asymmetries in ecological

      and economic systems. PLoS Computational Biology

    Socolar, JB* & Washburne, AD* (2015). Prey population size modulates the effect of predation on prey diversity. American


    Tarnita, CE*; Washburne, AD*; Sgro AE & Levin SA (2014). Spores and non-aggregating cells can explain coexistence of    

      genotypes in Dictyostelium discoideum. PNAS

*Co-First authors


Research History

   Microbiome consulting (2018-present)

   Statistics, modeling & theory development for pathogen spillover, DARPA & Montana State University (2017-2020)

   Financial data analysis and trading strategy development consulting (2016-present)

    Statistical methods for microbiome data, Duke University with Diana Nemergut (2015-2017)

⦁    Theoretical ecology, Princeton University with Simon Levin (2010-2015)

⦁    Mathematical biology, University of New Mexico with Helen Wearing (2009-2010)

⦁    Comparative immunology, University of New Mexico with Eric S. Loker (2008-2009)

⦁    Evolution of protein biochemistry, Brandeis University with Greg Petsko (2007)

⦁    Marine biology - spatial structure of coral reefs, Lizard Island (Great Barrier Reef) with Ursula Shepherd (2006)

⦁    Long-Term Ecological Research in community ecology, University of New Mexico with Blair Wolf  (2005-2007)

⦁    Conservation biology, Estacion Cientifica de Charles Darwin with Howard Snell (2001)



Teaching Experience

    Theoretical Ecology (300-level)

    Mathematical Modelling in Medicine (300-level)

    Method & Logic in Quantitative Biology (400-500 level)

    "Symmetry of Chemistry" for MCTP summer fellowship (400 level)


Awards & Leadership Roles

   CEO of mathematical, statistical, financial & epidemiological consulting company (2019-present)

   DARPA director's award nomination for work on Raina Plowright's YFA (2018)

    Princeton President's Fellowship in Science & Engineering (2010-2011)

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow (2010-2013)

    NSF-MCTP scholar (2009-2010)

    ABRCMS prize for oral presentation in physics & mathematical sciences (2009)

    SUNMARC featured student presentation (2009)

    SACNAS prize for undergraduate poster presentation in mathematics (2008)

    President of UNM Kappa Mu Epsilon (mathematics honor society) (2008-2010)

    NIH-MARC scholar (2007-2009)

    Dean's List, UNM (2007-2010)

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